We are a manufacturer of piñatas and party accessories

Our piñatas and products are characterized by moderns, funky and creative designs that both children and adults want for their parties.

We make piñatas and accessories for birthdays, baby showers, lodges, adult parties, bridal showers and now as required for wedding pinatas.

We are committed to our customers worry about every detail to offer high-quality products with a constant variety and innovation.

We make special orders to suit the requirements and needs of our customers.

All our products are inspired

Copyright: note that you are paying for my services, materials and the time spent designing your item which is permitted for one-time personal use
The Piñata being offered by me is (Not) a licensed product. My Items are a hand-made representation of the original character(s) described by me. All Copyright(s) and or the Trademark(s) or Any Image(s) that I use belong to the respective owners. Payment and sale in this listing are for the handcrafted service offered.


Daniel Arellano & Denisse Perez